October 13, 2020 Meeting Materials and Agenda

Notice of Meeting.pdf
Minutes 8-11-20.pdf
Requisition 731.pdf
Requisition 732.pdf
Requisition 733.pdf
Requisition 734.pdf
Public Depositor Report 9-30-20.pdf
Report to Board of Co Comm FY 19-20.pdf
Hendrickson Co Engagement Letter.pdf
Community Concepts Group Engagement Letter.pdf
Gen Fund 7-20.pdf
Gen Fund 8-20.pdf
HAP DAP 7-20.pdf
HAP DAP 8-20.pdf
SF Status 9-30-20.pdf
Livable Manatee DPA status 9-30-20.pdf
Ward Temple request.pdf
Gen Fund 9-20.pdf
HAP DAP 9-20.pdf