Participating Lenders

Who are the Participating Lenders?

Housing Finance Authority of Manatee County

Actively Participating Loan Officers 03/24

CMG Mortgage, Inc. Dba CMG FinancialBill McGowan
NMLS ID: 432220
CMG Mortgage, Inc. Dba CMG FinancialKyle Cutchen
NMLS ID:338354
CMG Mortgage, Inc. Dba CMG FinancialPeter Minarich
NMLS ID: 205428
Fairway Independent Mortgage CorporationDavid McLaughlin
NMLS ID:868815
Fairway Independent Mortgage CorporationScott Kamis
NMLS ID: 2159306
Homestead Funding CorporationKerry Wilkinson
NMLS ID: 32784
Lower, LLCJacqualine Wolcott
NMLS ID: 1410572
SouthState Bank, National AssociationChrist Skardoutos
NMLS ID: 1111807
Stockton Mortgage CorporationBeth Ward
NMLS ID: 437660
Stockton Mortgage CorporationRoger McGuire
NMLS ID: 213837
Synovus BankPatti Myers
NMLS ID: 437137
Synovus BankRobyn Fiel
NMLS ID: 437132
Synovus BankWendy Zaccaria
NMLS ID: 577242
Waterstone Mortgage CorporationGrant Lee
NMLS ID: 2411691
Waterstone Mortgage CorporationTrevor Rollison
NMLS ID: 433056