February 12, 2019 Meeting Materials and Agenda

Notice of Meeting Schedule 2019.pdf
Notice of Meeting.pdf
Requisition 668 & invoice.pdf
Minutes of 12-11-18 meeting.pdf
Requisition 662 & invoice.pdf
Requisition 663 & invoice.pdf
Requisition 664 & invoice.pdf
DAP Requisition 71 & invoice.pdf
Requisition 665 & invoice.pdf
Gen Fund Report 11-30-18.pdf
General Fund Report 12-18.pdf
HAP DAP 11-18.pdf
HAP DAP 12-18.pdf
Memo SF status.pdf
Resolution 2019-01.pdf
Requisition 666 & invoice.pdf
Requested changes Livable Manatee DPA program.pdf
Palmetto Senior FA Analysis (2-2-19).pdf
Memo Issuer counsel fees.pdf
Retainer Agreement.pdf
Proposed revised Engagement Ltr Greenberg (2019).pdf
Requisition 667 & FLALHFA request.pdf